What is CBD Isolate?

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate

When we hear the word CBD isolate we think of cannabidiol in its purest form. The production process for this extract includes the isolation of CBD, which is then refined to remove additional plant components such as cannabinoids and terpenes. This leads to a fine white powder that is made up of about 99% cannabidiol.

Isolates are made up of one particular cannabinoid called CBD. By this, we mean that CBD isolate lacks any amount of THC which is a psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. This makes CBD isolate a suitable choice for those in need of a product which lacks THC.

CBD isolate lacks taste or smell and it should normally be utilized in the production of different kinds of CBD products including edibles and topicals. Due to the fact that CBD isolate is about 99% unadulterated, you can easily regulate the amount of CBD added to a product.

CBD isolate usually comes in one of two forms namely Crystals and Powder.

Crystal CBD isolate is the less refined than Powder CBD isolate, however, the crystals are mostly used for dabbing. Powder CBD isolate contains pulverized and processed crystals which are used in numerous ways.


How Is CBD Isolate Made?

To produce CBD isolate, you will need to grow a strain which contains less THC than CBD such as Charlotte’s Web or Cannatonic.

When this strain gets matured, you can harvest it and begin the extraction process. The purpose of the Extraction process is to isolate the cannabinoids, terpenes, trichomes, flavonoids, and other plant components from the plant matter. The most popular methods of extraction include Carbon dioxide, Ice water, Butane, Alcohol/ethanol.

After the extraction process, only the cannabis concentrate is left. You can choose to store the cannabis concentrate in the form in either solid, semi-solid or liquid and use it to produce products such as shatter, wax, oil, and tincture. However, in order to produce CBD isolate, the CBD concentrate should be well refined using the process of winterization.

Winterization refers to the cooling down of a chemical substance with the end goal of eliminating impurities. Winterization eliminates additional waxes, terpenes, trichomes, and flavonoids from the CBD isolate.

The extraction and refining processes of CBD isolate are complicated and should be done with care. It is more preferable to buy CBD isolate rather than making it yourself.

Why Isolate the CBD?

CBD accounts for a large part of the medicinal qualities of the cannabis plant. CBD isolate is good for marijuana consumers who are solely interested in the medicinal value of cannabis.

Is CBD Isolate Right For You?

You can determine if CBD isolate is right for you by trying it out. There are many ways of consuming CBD isolate which makes it very versatile for people in need of the medicinal properties of CBD either at work or while traveling. Consuming only small doses of CBD isolate will relief you from various illnesses.

CBD isolate comes with the full benefits of CBD. However, if you are someone who dislikes CBD isolate, there are other forms of CBD extract which you can always try out. That is the amazing thing about cannabis: there's no particular approach to utilize it. It's whatever works best for you.