Best herb Vaporizers for under £100

Best herb Vaporizers for under £100

Vaporizers can often seem like an unattainable dream gadget to the health conscious, economical, consumer. But, this is not always the case! Apart from the initial investment, it's actually counter intuitive not to vaporise! Vaporizing can actually save you money in the long run, and eventually it will even pay for itself. Unlike combustion, vaporization doesn't destroy any of your favourite herbs active ingredients, meaning a larger percentage is absorbed by you. In consequence, you end up using less herbs to get the same effect you would from a larger amount of combusted materials!

We do understand not everybody has a few hundred pounds spare to make that initial investment and some higher priced vaporizers are generally featured with a lot of bells and whistles as added extras, which aren't necessarily needed. The cheaper more simple devices can sometimes integrate easier into your lifestyle, so we've wrote a list of what we think are some of the best personal vaporizers on market for under £100.

Dynavap – O.G, Woody, Nonavong & 'M'
These little devices are perfect for anyone who loves the tactile sensation of something in their hand, measuring about the same size as a cigarette they are perfect for those who have managed to give up the dangerous habit. 
They operate in a more hands on, 'Analogue', way than the other digital aromatherapy devices mentioned and require the use of a jet flame lighter to vaporize. This means they can be used absolutely anywhere, and you don't need to be reliant on batteries or a mains socket! Perfect for those people who love being out in the great outdoors. 
The Woody and Nonavong devices cost a little bit more than the OG Dynavap but provide you with a device that feels more high end, classy and durable by employing the use of choice cuts of wood to craft the body from. The 'M' is the most durable of the batch, made from 100% Medical grade stainless steel, it will last you a lifetime ad will withstand pretty much everything you throw at it.
There is a little knack to using them, and unfortunately it is possible to combust, but once you have got the technique down it becomes almost second nature and you will get super cool, smooth, tasty vapour hits every time.

Storm Vaporizer Pen
The Storm is by far the best selling vaporizer here at Vapefiend, and we are super proud of how this device functions in comparison to the more expensive devices on the market. We've updated it over the years inline with customer feedback by improving the airflow and creating a range of great accessories to compliment it with.
Made with a strong and stealthy stainless steel body, it features simple one button operation as well as utilizing the use of a powerful, swappable 18650 battery. It vaporises with the help of a fully isolated ceramic chamber and air-path, which offers tasty,untainted vapour. You can choose from five different temperature settings ranging from 180 to 220 degrees Celsius, for the perfect balance of flavour and vapour production. 
The Storm has a range of affordable accessories such as water tool mouthpieces, water tool adapters and a range concentrate capsules so that you can use it with full melt extracts and pressed resins. These accessories make the Storm super versatile, so you can use it in exactly the way that suits you wether that be with the addition of a water tool or how it comes straight out the box.
We are confident in the Storm being one of the best pen style vaporizers on the market and we believe it is unrivalled in quality, making it perfect for first timers and seasoned vaporists alike!
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Desktop Units
Some people reserve their consumption to when they are in the comfort of their own homes. So portable units are not necessarily a primary feature they need. There are many great desktop units under £100 such as the Arizer V-tower, which are often more powerful than their portable counterparts

Arizer V-tower

Made by the same manufacturers as the well trusted Solo, Air, and Extreme Q, the Arizer V-tower is a powerful desktop vaporizer that utilises the use of 100% convection to heat your herbs.
Convection relies on the use of hot air to evaporate the essential oils out of your herbs, and because the herbs are not in direct contact with a heat source like they are in conduction units, the herbs retain their flavour for longer. Convection is generally considered to give you the best flavour from a vaporizer, so the Arizer V-Tower is perfect for those who consider themselves flavour chasers. 
The V-Tower has a LCD display screen and the same rapid heat up from its more expensive counterpart the 'Extreme Q'. You also have the option of using it with either a whip or a bag, so you can deliver your vapour the way your prefer it.
Although the V-tower is generally considered a desktop unit, you are not limited to just using in the comfort of your home. There is even a rechargeable portable power pack available, meaning you can take this high powered device with you camping and even to festivals.

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Concentrate Devices

If you prefer to consume your herbs, in concentrate form there are many devices at affordable rates that will help you enjoy those tasty, complex, dabs of oil wherever you are.

Puffco Plus
The Puffco plus is the new updated, high end version of their original award winning oil pen. It has set the standards for vaporizing essential oils wherever you are.
Its super sleek, slim design provides you with possibly the most discreet oil vaporizer for when you are on the go. It looks exactly like a regular slim E-cigarette, so you can expect nobody to even give it a second glance.
It delivers completely untainted vapour by employing the use of a cutting edge ceramic atomiser unlike any on the market. It has no wicks, coils or any exposed metals and is made 100% out of ceramic, offering you supreme flavour in comparison to others on the market. This also makes it super easy to clean, with the use of a cotton swab or “Glob Mop”. It also features a ceramic dart, within the mouthpiece, that doubles down as a dabbing tool and carb cap. This carb cap helps to keep the air temperature within the chamber higher, evenly and efficiently vaporising your oils, creating more clouds than its competitors.
It comes supplied with a bunch of accessories right out the box such as an extra capped chamber, USB charger, instruction manual and cotton swabs

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Dabstorm 2.5

Now with upgrade atomiser and retaining ring the Dabstorm 2.5 is Vapfiend's improved all ceramic dab mod package.
Costing £69 it is available on its own or with an E-juice tank (Aspire Nautilus X). This versatile dab mod package is designed for tasty, powerful dab hits of all types of oils, extracts & concentrates including powered water extracts and some pressed resins. 
Like the Puffco, it has no exposed metals, coils or wicks – just a ceramic bowl that heats up your extracts. Combined with a 50w battery the Dabstorm 2.5 allows you to manipulate the batteries voltage output. Unlike the original Dabstorm that has set voltage outputs, you change the Dabstorm 2.5 by the degree. Low wattage for flavour and high wattage for clouds, or anywhere in-between that suits your preference. 

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Linx Hypnos

One of the smaller concentrate pens on this list, at only 10.7cm, this stainless steel device will integrate seamlessly into your life. It is staggeringly powerful and discreet, with four different temperature settings you get the balance between delicate flavour and strong hits of vapour.
Like the other all ceramic pens mentioned, it's ceramic plate heats up quickly and evenly leaving a minimal amount of reclaim to be cleaned up after use. 
The Linx is super low maintenance, discreet and affordable. Perfect for vaporist on a budget.

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We challenge you to adapt your consumption to a safer, more efficient way of enjoying your aromatherapy herbs and concentrates. We're sure After 30 days you will be hooked like us.